A rare and important joined uncarved Hadley chest of Massachusetts origin. These chests date from about 1680 to 1690. The chest has great surface and is in amazingly great condition with the feet at almost full height.  It's top is an old replacement not unusual for pieces this age. For reference on Hadley chests see the following books:
The Hadley Chest by Clair Frankin Luther and Hadley Chests by Philip Zea and Suzanne Flynt. This piece comes out of my personal collection.


                          CHEST OF DRAWERS                                                                 

If you are looking for an early chest that is very affordable, this 5 drawer is the one.
It is in amazing condition and the drawers work like a dream. Hardware is replaced and a small section of base molding has been restored. It is English and dates from about 1720 to 1740. Size is 36" wide x 40" high x 22" deep.


                             SPANISH TABLE


With a totally awesome surface in deep brown, the 17th Century Spanish table is a wonderful addition to any collection. Absolutely in as found condition there are no replacements and the surface is very old if not original. 


                             BACK STOOL


Just a simple chair with original surface. Usable anywhere. I think, they work really neat close to a hearth. A few repairs due to use and age.


                                PAIR OF LAMBING CHAIRS

A rare and fantastic pair of Lambing chairs. Each is in wonderful as found condition with no restoration. They are English and early 18th Century if not a bit earlier. Sets of chairs or even pairs were rarely done this early. With a mellow surface they measure 40" high x 20" deep x 21" wide with a 15" seat height.

$1,800.00 for the pair

                      CHILD'S WAINSCOT ARM CHAIR                       

Actually made in about the 1920's, this chair sure appears a lot earlier and works so well with period 17th Century pieces. Perfect with a poppet sittiing in the chair. Be sure to notice the wonderful inlay on the back. It is 28" high x 21" wide x 20" deep.


                                  JOINT STOOL

This joint stool is a period one dating from about 1670 to 1690. It is English and has a nice dark rich surface. Some wear to the stretchers but all of them are original as is the top.


                         ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING STAND



 A very unique and unusual adjustable candle or light stand that is in attic surface. No repairs or replacements in the stand that can be raised and pegged to any height up to 50" Perfect next to a chair or desk or stand up work counter. It is 35 1/2" high as pictured with a top that measures 6 3/8" x 6 1/2" and a base of 8 1/2" x 8 3/4".


                                        JOINT STOOL


Having an almost square top this revival joint stool works really well next to a chair  as well as being used for seating. It has great surface and is 16 1/2" high with the top being 14 1/2" x 12".



                                  GREAT CHAIR

Talk about a "GREAT" chair!  This early 17th Century chair was once upholstered in silk which except for a tiny left between the tacks on the back is long gone. Sadly silk doesn't age well. The leather seat was added recently. A Tudor rose is in the center of the bottom stretcher. Measuring 46" high x 28" wide x 16 1/4" deep it is a very comfortable chair for most anyone. The frame is a very mellow and dry most likely original surface.


                              BOOK STAND


Yes, another book stand in super dark red surface and a somewhat unusual form. This is in perfect condition and also great to display an early leather book.  It is 11" wide x 8" deep x 10 1/2" high. Would be awesome on a chest or table.


                              GATE LEG TABLE                              

This English gate leg table has the most fantastically wonderful legs and turnings. It is made of yew wood and dates to the mid to late 17th Century. Will easily seat 6 people with plenty of room for each.



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