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These wonderful bags are hand stitched with an initial or date of your choice. The perfect accessory for an early collection and  sure could be used most anywhere in that setting.  I know of nobody that does these. They are fabulous.


Another version of the bags, this one just slightly more primitive and larger in size. Comes with a patch and your choice of  holes  or stains and/or any combination of these.


                          TABLE SQUARES

Yet another incredible piece of work are the table squares. They are ready to be ordered. YEAH! The picture above says it all. The perfect table cover and the William and Mary on it is just the right touch. I love the one I got which I proudly have on my table above. Contact Charisse for linen choice. All of these wonderful squares are completely hand stitched with two" W and M" on each one.

$190.00 each

Contact: Charisse Goforth

989 640-9510 or email:


Specializing in Antique Santas,Rabbits, Candy Containers,Blown Glass Ornaments, Waxed Angels plus much more.....

Exquisite Quality Workmanship with over 30 years experience.

262 695-0027     or email:


Book Pillows are centuries old and used to support valuable books. Sherry Pees of Pees Ridge Farm reproduces these pillows in linen, all handstitched in 3 sizes with choice of straw or feather fillings.  Other reproduced textiles from Pees Poor Ridge Farms are linen bed sheets,pillow casings,linsey woolsey bed curtains and covers, window curtains, toweling and storage bags. ALL HAND SEWN.

Contact: Sherry at Pees Ridge Farms 

419 759-2661  or email:


Made from antique replicated cookie molds, these great tasting gingerbread cookies are perfect to give as gifts, treat yourself or dry and keep on a plate as decorations as I have done. In addition these can be dried to hang them from a seasonal tree with instructions found on the website below so you can do this yourself.  The website is also full of other wonderful hand made cookies with themes and also others done from vintage cookie molds. Each cookie is hand done. I can tell you first hand how good they are to eat. It was hard not eating the ones I dried to use for special Holidays at my house. All the cookies can be shipped anywhere.

Contact: Beth Grbich at Embossed Edibles

262 797-8006  or email: