Almost 400 years old, this stumpwork mirror is totally wonderful.  There are faces, animals, bees and two amazing crests around the original mirror glass. From England it dates to the early part of the 17th Century.



Probably one of the neatest Morion helmets I have had in quite some time. It dates to the 17th Century and most likely is Spanish. A fantastic addition to a Pilgrim collection.



Dating from the late 18th Century to the early 19th Century, this Santos is really wonderful. The surface is well worn over time but still allows you to see the details. It measures 6" high x 2" wide. Probably this was taken on trips to insure safety and well being. 



                          COURTING  MIRROR

A slightly different Courting mirror with it's bright mustard painted glass. The mirror glass is original and it dates to the mid 18th Century. Size is 16" high x 12" wide. A perfect match for an early chest.



Contempory painting of Phillip IV of Spain really has a ton of character and looks terrific above an early chest or table. Done on board and probably dates from the 1920's it is 23" high x 19" wide.



Measuring 18 1/2" high this Bellarmine jug is a beauty. I have several of these in my house. They are the perfect 17th Century accessory.


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