Two really nice and early Sad irons. Perfect on the hearth or with an early ironing board.

Black Thick Iron     $95.00

Thin Iron              $87.50

                                    PIPE TONGS

No collection of hearth iron is complete without a pipe tongs hanging somewhere near the fire. These picked up hot embers to light the tobacco in a pipe bowl. This one has a collection number on it written on a small piece of paper ( 1825 ) and is Ex. Dee and Al Wilhelm. It is 19" long.



                            BRASS BARBER BOWL

A classic accessory is most definitely a brass barber bowl. It can be used on a chest, hanging on the wall in a bedroom or bathroom or on a table. This one is in perfect condition with its original hanging ring and a nice surface. It is 9" x 8" diameter and 2 1/2" high.


                                      GAME HOOK

A very early and neat meat hook that can be used for hanging a number of things. Surface is great and the workmanship superb.


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