Two really nice and early Sad irons. Perfect on the hearth or with an early ironing board.

Black Thick Iron     $95.00

Thin Iron              $87.50

                                    PIPE TONGS

No collection of hearth iron is complete without a pipe tongs hanging somewhere near the fire. These picked up hot embers to light the tobacco in a pipe bowl. This one has a collection number on it written on a small piece of paper ( 1825 ) and is Ex. Dee and Al Wilhelm. It is 19" long.


                              COPPER BEAKER/CUP

Most likely from the 19th Century but possibly earlier is this interesting and dovetailed copper beaker or drinking container. Not often do you find open dovetails in metal work and these are really visable. Really nice paired with a green spirits bottle.


                            BRASS BARBER BOWL

A classic accessory is most definitely a brass barber bowl. It can be used on a chest, hanging on the wall in a bedroom or bathroom or on a table. This one is in perfect condition with its original hanging ring and a nice surface. It is 9" x 8" diameter and 2 1/2" high.



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