The stump candle holder is in perfect condition with the nicest penny feet. These are rare but are so wonderful its hard to believe they weren't used by everyone. Candles were so precious and the stump holder allowed a candle to burn completely down wasting nothing. See the other example further down this page. Ex. Barbara and the late Fred Johnson


                                    RUSH LIGHT

Not often do you find rush lights with its original iron base. This is a great piece of historic lighting from Wales and dates to the very early 18th Century. The base is 4" in diameter and it stands 8" high.


                             STUMP CANDLE HOLDER

The stump candle holder is fairly rare and the neatest invention in lighting. It holds a candle and lets it burn clear down to the end. No more wasting a half an inch or more of a valuable candle to the candle cup. This is from the Barbara and Fred Johnson Collection.


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