A simple shelf that is 14 1/2" high x 5" wide x 5 1/2" deep is perfect to display your favorite candle holder. The shelf is 19th Century from Pennsylvania and has nice attic surface and wear.


                              MAKE-DO CANDLEHOLDER

Truly a make-do done in the early 19th Century. It has great surface plus a great early nail hoilding the chain in place and pricket candleholders on the candle arm. It is 34" high x 14" long arm.

                               TIN WALL SCONCE



The tin wall sconce is a period one with fantastic surface and form measuring 13 1/2" high x 4 3/4" wide x 3 1/2" deep.



A very rare and pristine pair of pricket candleholder wall sconces. They have the absolute best surface and no repairs. They are late 17th to early 18th Century and French or Dutch and remotely American.


                        RACHET CANDLE HOLDER

Probably made in the 1920's as a revival piece, this rachet candle holder has great attic surface and looks fantastic with very early things. It is 31" high with the base measuring 12" x 12".


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