A 17th Century English wall spike for a large candle. The iron work is amazing and the surface is the best. There is a small crack in the iron curled work that is going no where. In fact may well have happened in the making.  It is 12 1/2" long and the pan diameter is 6" with a 6" high spike. There is a candle already drilled for it included.


                                    RUSH LIGHT

Not often do you find rush lights with its original iron base. This is a great piece of historic lighting from Wales and dates to the very early 18th Century. The base is 4" in diameter and it stands 8" high.


                            IRON CANDLE CHANDELIER

From my personal collection an outstanding iron ring with 4 iron candle holders on a heavy chain. Fabulous hanging over an early table. Probably from the early 19th Century, I used it with my Pilgrim pieces and it looked perfect. The chandelier is pictured in Jill Peterson's The Settlement on page 48 and was found in New England.


                            FATWOOD STANDARD

The counter weight on this lighting standard helps keep the piece of fat wood securely in place. The feet are groved and slightly worn. Believed to be Scandinavian it also could be English. It stands 22" high with a nice mellow surface.


                         IRON LANTERN

This lantern differs from other lanterns of this form as it is made from Iron not tin. Great surface and condition, it is 12 1/2" high to the top of the ring x a 4 3/4" diameter.


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