An absolutely outstanding Linsey and whole cloth quilt in superb condition. The quilt is English and most likely 19th Century. The quilting is extremely fine. Colors are a lipstick red and a sage green. The red side is a wool whole cloth and the sage is linsey. It measures 98" x 75". Just the best!


                               LINSEY CHAIR PAD


Perfect size for a joint stool or the center of a chair, the chair pad is made from 2 different nutmeg linsey fragments. Usable on either side, it measures 19" long x 15" high. Love the many hand sewn mends.


                           MEN'S SHOES OR CLOGS

What a great pair of men's shoes/clogs. Made of leather and wood, this pair may well be American. They have been worn but both the leather and wood are in a great state of preservation. They measure 12" long and are Ex. Jonathon Trace.


                                TODDLER SHOES

Just 4 3/4"  long, these shoes were for a toddler or very small child. Nice wear and great leather, these would look great combined with a grouping of shoes or with a cradle or high chair.


                                HOUSE BONNET

I have two of these house caps. Women wore these on their heads in the house and often outside under another hat. At Plimoth Plantation you see these under the felted hats. Each has replaced ties.



Measuring 14" high x 11 1/2" wide. yet another wonderful bag made by Charisse Goforth.


                                MEN"S ICE SHOES


Hand made ice shoes with great iron spikes and worn leather. Perhaps used to go on a lake to cut ice blocks or for ice fishing. Missing their tie straps but otherwise just fine. Something different to use at a door.


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