I decided to add an extra page to share with all of you some of the things in my life such as family, friends and a few of the places I go and things I do. There are also extra pages with pictures of some of the favorite places I visit. Hope you enjoy them all and feel a little more connected to my personal life and loves.

Chuck and I at the DAYS OF THE PIONEER show at the Museum of Appalachia. September 2016.

Son Chip celebrating his birthday Mexican style. Note the white on his nose, the remains of the ice cream that was put in his face. Happy birthday, Chip.

Emily ready to go into the show ring.

Cori and Andy with the newest family member Beau.

First day of school for Cori and Andy. September 2014

Game night and Brandon #75 is with his friend and fellow player Jake.

Brandon, my oldest grandson, now 14 with his team on the homecoming float. He is # 75.

Eleven year old Brandon showing his heifer at this years 4H Fair.

Our adorable Emily after her dance recital. Everyone in the family gave her flowers. She is a budding star for sure.

On Mother's Day I was still in Massachusetts following Brimfield so friend Carol and I spent the afternoon at Plimoth. Besides being with family, what could have been better.

Cori and Andy on the beach in the Keys this month. Now I ask you...why isn't Grandma there?   Hmmmmm!

Emily dressed upand going to her Valentine party at school.

Emily turned 4 on January 27th and this Grandma has a birthday on January 26th so we both went to get our tootsies tuned up. Emily  just loved doing this and it was a treat for me. Think this will become a yearly event for us.

Three year old Emily ready to be in her Preschool Christmas Program. What an angel.

Chris and Becky have an apple orchard on their farm and for years they have had a cider making party. Well, because of my shows, I was never able to get to their farm for this activity. This year I went and it is as much fun or more then I had heard about for years. Here is the crew....well....minus the picture taker me. OH,even the non morning girl I am had a good time at the crack of dawn when this starts. Can you believe I just said that!

Andy helping with harvest. Is there any doubt about what he thinks is the best equipment?? Well.....John Deere green.....of course!

Brandon, Caleb and Emily ready to go Trick or Treating.

Can hardly believe that these two guys are my grandsons. Brandon now 11 and Caleb now 8 leaving for the first day of school September 2011.

We are so proud of you Cori. Now in Kindergarten and already the best. Keep it up.

Andy on a ride at the Winnebago County Fair held in our little town of Pecatonica. He could ride all day long if we would let him.

Chris , Becky , Cori and Andy camped on their Texas trip. This was in  one of the campgrounds enjoyed on the western trip. 

A summer trip to check the corn on Dad's (Chris) Texas farm. That corn is sure looking good.....but Cori and Andy look the best!

A dream came true. A cabin I have had stored for more then 10 years finally was built this past Fall. I am so in love!  Now I can work on furnishing the inside and spend the Spring and Summer working on the landscaping. More pictures as I get areas done.

My daughter-in-law Becky is going to be raising a variety of chickens on their farm. The just arrived baby chicks are so darling. Here is Cori holding one. Is this a poster waiting to happen or what?

No Cori, No Andy these guys are not coming home with us as pets!  No, they are not going to Mamau's farm either.

That's Cori Atten age 5 years old and already skiing the big slopes. Soooo ,do we have a Gold medalist in the making?

Almost 3 and just a doll. Already on the antique trail with Grandma and just talks and talks and talks so the trips are never dull and quiet. She knows just what she wants to wear and how she wants her hair done.  Grandma's little girl for sure.

Brandon turns 10 on September 12, 2010. Boy, does the time just fly?

Cori and Andy were helping me clean out some of the farm buildings and came across their Dad's old sled. Of course, I was thrilled to send it home with them but they had to try it out first. Not that I want that cold white stuff but the sled will work alot better in the snow!

Wearing my favorite work clothes BIBS! And...unloading all the treasures after doing the August shows. This is the fun part of my job.

This was Brandon's first year for showing at the 4 H Fair. He did very well and took home lots of ribbons. So proud of you Brandon for such a good job.

Yep, the whole family gets into the act! Good job Kim.

These two cuties were 6 year old Caleb's project. He helped bottle feed both since last March and did a great poster explaining how to do this. 

The last night of the fair is the auction. Here Brandon sells one of his hogs.

My very first pigtails. And......how cute is this.  Emily makes your heart just pound. Gettin sooooo big at 2 1/2 years of age.

Two more of my adorable grandchildren......Love you Cori and Andy.

Brandon and Caleb just love going to the pool. Great being home for the summer. What handsome dudes these two are. Of course, this is Grandma talking!

Our first trip to the ER with one of the grandbabies. A little early morning fight with his brother. Oh ouch Brandon!

On January 27,2010 our Emily Atten turned 2. WOW!  Taken at her party with her cake. Can you tell her favorite character. Yep, its Dora. In fact it is Dora everything.  She is the best little girl and with luck we will breeze right through the terrible 2's.

Emily now almost 2 years old has the best expressions. This is one of many and boy can she keep her two older brothers in line. All I can say is watch out world when she starts school.

Our little beautiful Cori turns 4. Her big thrill was a big girl bike. Dad - my Chris- just had given her the bike. It took her about 5 minutes to figure out how to ride it. Several pictures follow showing her fun day. We grilled chicken over a wood fire and had bug cakes.

So.....what's so hard about this???

You can't have a bike and not have one of these.

A little Texas in Wisconsin!

OK folks. Where are my presents?  Poor little Andy.

Working hard to find great things is an on going job. I'm in this auction picture at a D.L. Straight Auction. Do you know where I am?  Answer will be in the next update. (ANSWER- 2nd from the end on the back row)

Taking a few minutes before the Delafield Show opened to catch up with friend Bettina Krainin. There never seems to be enough time during a show to visit so any chance you get is important. Fellow dealer and neighbor at the show Kathy Roe took  this picture and was nice enough to share it with me. Thanks, Kathy. 

What remains of it's former life as a KOA.

Taken from my site looking at fellow resident "the flea".

In the far  back of the campground is the old Airstream. Oh, for time and lots and lots of money!

For those of you that camp or have camped at some point in your life, the very first picture was a very familar symbol. That A frame stood for KOA and also meant a really nice campground. Well.....needing a place to stay before Fall Nashville in order to get some work finished for the show, friend Judi suggested our staying at the Nashville North Campground listed in Woodall's Campng directory-a camper's bible. Stay we did and work we did in what was the ghost of campgrounds past. The place is for sale, just in case anyone wants to buy a campground, and perhaps in its day it was a really great place to stay. I think there were a total of 10 people residing there. Our 2 closest neighbors were truck drivers and gone and we had what we named the local flea who had anything you might want from bikes to TV's loaded in the back of his pickup truck and we had the vintage Airstream which sadly had gone way beyond even this hard working girls dream of fixing. Yep, I toured it. I must say everyone there was most friendly and the best part for 50 cents you could dry your clothes for as long as you wanted. Unheard of if anyone has recently done laundry at a laundramat. Now the best part, my theme song since I put it on the road and have been living in Aluminum has been A KOA Refugee by Antsy McClain. Wonder if I should change that?

Caleb who is almost 5 has become my offical coffee maker. Since this Grandma loves her coffee, he has a big job when I am staying with Chip and Kim.

Cori turns 3 years old!  What a fun day and how excited our little girl was when she got a battery operated 4 wheeler. Could she be the next road warrior?  Sure comes by it naturally!

Little Andy, now walking I might add, doesn't seem interested in the new 4 wheeler his sister just got. Far more intent on what Dad, my Chris, is holding in his hand. Sorry Andy, you got 19 1/2 more years to wait on that!

For those of you that have never been to Brimfield, this is a week like no other week. Everyday brings a new adventure, a new show or two opening , all the markets that set up for the week, all the great food booths containing the top 10 worst for your health but oh soooo good treats, dust, rain, cold, heat, bugs, bumper to bumper traffic,little sleep as you are up before dawn and, of course, every antique you can possibly imagine and some you would rather forget. I go field to field searching for the ultimate find and then comes the problem of dragging all those finds back to your truck which is in East Overshoe!  Here with friend Judi we are bringing those finds piled high in the new make-do wheel chair. The ultimate push cart!

Sadly my cat Toot crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday, June 19th. He was my constant shadow from the day he entered my world and I felt so bad having to leave him when I went on the road. Toot was the very best of buddies.

I have been helping Chris and Becky with the kids and moving the remaining things into their new home. Oh, and painter Mom doing the hard to edge projects. Of course, can't resist a little time to take pictures of my 2 grandbabies. Below are the latest shots of these 2 cuties. The last ones are special because we moved my Mom's prized possession ,her piano, into the house. Didn't take long for Cori and Andy to show off some budding talent. 

Andy Atten - age 15 months

Cori Lee Atten - age almost 3

Andy just getting in the act.

It is with great saddness in my heart that I include these pictures.  My best friend and very talented Mom passed away on March 7, 2008. These were taken at her birthday party which was one of her last best days.  Bye Mom, you are so very missed.

Meet the newest member of my family Emily Catherine Atten. She was born on January 27, 2008 to my son Chip and daughter-in-law Kim. Yes yes yes another girl. Lucky Emily has two brothers Brandon and Caleb to protect her or......make life really hard. Time will tell.

A while back I promised pictures of the inside of my little Airstream house and at long last here they are. I finished the bark cloth curtains in September and am almost done with the work on it. It is 19 feet long and houses everything a person could want. There is a full bath, kitchen and living quarters. Both sofas make into beds with a table - desk combo between. I have heat for cold days and nights as well as air conditioning and best of all it goes with me where ever I go. The rest of "little house" follows. Enjoy. Oh, by the way, please note the modern chair and bakelight accessories. A little side road  from Pilgrim Century that has been fun.

End of Tour!  Come visit me.

From the end of April to almost the end of May I went from a show in Delafield,WI to Fishersville,Virginia to Brimfield,MA. Lots of miles for sure. The signs of Spring were everywhere and the show of leaves and flowers were especially great coming through West Virginia. I ended up going a day early as friend Judi and I were invited to a customers home in Virginia. It's not often I get a day off but what a wonderful day we both had. In fact we stayed hours longer than planned,right through dinner. The house and out buildings is soooo awesome. See for yourself below. Also, the house will be featured in the October 2007 EAL so keep watching for it. Know you will enjoy seeing this house.

Brimfield Week is unbelievabely fun as well as hard. Hard because this girl has to get up every morning at 4:30 AM. Those of you that know me know I am anything but a morning person. In fact mornings should be banned. Each year I am amazed that I survive a week of these mornings. This year was a little easier thanks to Judi's back yard show of blossoms. Along with very strong coffee-2 cups ,I was ready for Brimfield.

And.....the very best part of road life is between shows with a little time out for one or more of my four grandchildren

Brandon Atten

Caleb Atten


My model Cori Atten trying out and approving of a child's make-do chair. The chair is sold.

Cori Lee Atten

Andrew William Atten  - Andy as a new born and at 4 months

My very little house and also my pride and joy. This is where I live on the road. It is a vintage 1964 Globe Trotter Airstream. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without the flamingos and vintage molded chair. Surrounding my kitchen window are character lights that change every month. I am almost done restoring the inside. Just found bark cloth for the new curtains and hope to find a day or so to work on these real soon. Will then do some shots inside to show it all off. This is where I stay in Carmine,Texas.

Spring is my favorite time of the year. The whole world just seems to come to life with such great color and freshness. In Texas the fields filled with blue bonnets is beyond belief. Its not just the color but the fragrance is intoxicating. No matter where you drive every field gets prettier.

The little brown figures in the middle of the blue bonnets-cows.