The Gaol or Jail in today's language was a most interesting place to visit. Sad in many ways but in any society necessary. This was the 18th Century version and below you can see some of the pictures I was able to take. Many parts were too dark to even get a shot but I think you will get an idea of this place from the pictures I did manage to get. If you are in York, Maine do take an hour to stop.

One of the cells and note the bars on the window. Love the floors and walls.

The cupboard is not a cupboard at all but a privy. How very neat is this!  Note the furniture.

In the section for families a board was used between the arms of a bannister back arm chair to teach a counting exercise.  Very clever indeed.

Friend Judi standing next to a very sad piece of furniture. The chair is called "an idiot chair". People with mental problems or with limited mental capabilities were straped into the chair and most likely left for days or longer. The shelf below the seat was for a potty bowl and you can see on the back the slots for restraints.

The girls, Marion and Judi clapped in the stocks outside the gaol. In trouble again and the whole town can come and point and laugh!

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