So many of you have enjoyed all these pictures, I decided to keep it on the website for a while longer or maybe forever.  Thanks for your nice comments.

November was a special month and somewhat different in that for the first time ever I was not home and with family for Thanksgiving. Instead I dined at Colonial Williamsburg at the famous Williamsburg Inn. The weekend after Thanksgiving I set up at the Williamsburg Holiday show but managed to tour both Williamsburg and Jamestown. I had not been to either in more then 30 years and both historic sites were as good if not better. I took loads of pictures which will follow for you to enjoy. If you have never been to either I can highly recommend  a trip. There is sooo much to see and enjoy and YES drool over. I left marks everywhere.

Reproduction Ships at Jamestown Harbor. There are 3 docked and open to see just how small these were. Hard to imagine that loaded with people they sailed for better then 9 weeks. I looked at the Susan Constant and the Speedwell. Pictures follow taken on the Susan Constant.

The Captains cabin which was pretty nice. Pictures that follow are other parts of the ship.

Crews quarters.

Passenger beds. Note the board chests are the beds base.

Looking down from the main deck into the hole.

Another crew area - note the bed rug.

Early Matchlocks.

Ready for clean up and a great reproduction bandolier.

                        JAMESTOWN VILLAGE

Approaching the village ---the next pictures are of the buildings within the fenced area you see here. Enjoy.



                         Blacksmith Shop

                                 Wig Shop

    Meeting room at the Court House

 Kitchen at the Governor's Palace

Dressing Table

Fabulouse wall paper in the Governor's Palace

Row upon row of arms in the stairway at the Governor's Palace.

Wig room at the Governor's Palace - note the mouse trap under the table!

Reception Room at the Governor's Palace

Piano enclosed in a wonderful piece of furniture. Also, taken at the Governor's Palace.

 All the following are pieces I so enjoyed in the museum

 Last - A few shots of the gardens.

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